About Us

We’re a “bottom line” society. We talk about performance, quality, productivity, and profitability in useful subtotals. Effective leadership, communications and teamwork, the substance behind those numbers, are frequently overlooked. Yet these are vital in achieving the performance objectives that are key to your bottom line.

Consider the math. You have a certain number of customers, employees and suppliers. Each has priorities, skills, experiences, good and bad days. Each interacts. The possibilities are infinite. The potential for unwanted, unplanned, or unimagined outcomes, staggering. Managing those outcomes is your job. Helping you prepare for, and profit them is ours.

Spielmacher Associates are management psychologists who have been helping businesses find practical solutions and positive outcomes since 1974. From the largest of the Fortune 500 to the smallest of family businesses, manufacturing to the service sector, we tailor our services to each client organization, to help you maximize your most valuable asset, the people you need in order for your business to grow and prosper.

Our services are organized to help businesses in five distinct areas vital to a healthy bottom line: